Testing and Inspection

Test certifications/certification of conformity

Stringent safety requirements inside modern factories mean that lifting and rigging equipment needs traceability and complete documentation. SuperLift can assist our customers with these requirements. Note: complete, serialized documentation has been kept in the records at SuperLift for every specialized product manufactured since the founding of the company in 1988!

Mechanical Load Testing Facilities

Our laboratory testing facilities comply with the requirements of;

Class AA 250 tonne Horizontal Test Bed
Class AA 50 tonne Vertical Test Tower

Inspection and Repair Service

SuperLift offers full repair and reconditioning services for our Lifting and Rigging equipment at our manufacturing facility. We repair only SuperLift branded equipment!


Our experienced staff of Service Engineers and Repair Technicians provides a detailed inspection report (measurements and photographs) to record the condition of the unit as received and a scope of work to complete the repair. Only after we receive your approval will we begin work.

Reconditioning Process:

Incoming Inspection

The condition of the unit is fully documented before disassemble, including a complete photographic record. Data on all markings and tags are recorded. The unit is then disassembled and cleaned.


A mechanical and visual inspection of critical components is performed and the results documented.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

An extremely sensitive non destructive testing method for use on ferromagnetic materials (steel), nonferrous materials (aluminum, titanium, magnesium, copper, etc.) cannot be inspected using this method., magnetic particle inspection services can detect minute cracks open to the surface, and some subsurface discontinuities.

Detailed Reporting

A Service Engineer will prepare a detailed inspection report, including a fixed price quotation with lead-time to complete the repairs. Our engineers often provide options to improve to the reliability and performance of the unit as part of the quotation.


After receiving authorization to proceed, SuperLift will complete the agreed upon repairs. All welding is conducted by our own qualified welders. After final assembly, each unit is functionally tested to ensure compliance with performance specifications. Operational data is recorded for future reference.