Super Snatch Blocks


15 Tonne Super Snatch Block

Australian Made

The snatch block is one of today’s most widely used type of blocks.

SuperLift manufactures Australia’s largest range of multipurpose snatch blocks with over 40 models of snatch blocks offered. Working Load limits range from 3000kg (3 metric tons) to 30000Kg (30 metric tons); Sheave diameters, from 100mm through 450mm.

Custom engineered designs and sizes also available.

SuperLift Super snatch blocks have the convenient side opening feature which makes it easy to reeve the block without removing any fittings from the end of the wire rope. Other features include, secondary locking clip, choice of swivel hook, shackle, or toggle blocks, which have no fittings at all. Only top grade materials are used for each component.

With so many different variations, sizes and weight limitations, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right snatch blocks. Let our expert team assist in your rigging gear selection today. If you have any specific requirements, we’ll work with you to create custom snatch blocks that best suits your needs. Call our team on (03) 9357 0277.

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