SuperLift Sheaves range from:-

  • Hand operated 60mm dia to 254mm dia
  • Power operated 152mm dia to 550mm dia

SuperLift Sheaves incorporate the following features:

  • Cast iron machined sheaves to suit either wire rope or manilla (fibre) rope
  • Power operated sheaves are fitted with high capacity PTFE bushes as standardAustralian Made
  • Hand operated wire rope SuperLift golden yellow enamel painted
  • Hand operated manilla (fibre) rope SuperLift red enamel painted
  • Power operated SuperLift industrial grey enamel painted

Optional Extras:

  • Hand operated sheaves can be fitted with high capacity PTFE bushes or bearings
  • Different wire rope sizes other than standard
  • with ball or roller bearing
  • with special groove’s
  • Manufactured out of steel or other material’s
  • Manufactured to suit customer requirements
  • Special surface finish e.g., Oxo-sealed, Zinc plated, Galvanizing etc.

With so many different variations, sizes and weight limitations, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right sheave / pulley. Let our expert team assist in your rigging gear selection today. If you have any specific requirements, we’ll work with you to create a custom product that best suits your needs. Call our team on (03) 9357 0277 or fill out the Custom Sheave request for quotation form.

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See Specialized Lifting Solutions page for some examples of specialized sheaves.