Sheave Blocks

Australian Made

Sheave Blocks are common lifting mechanisms used for rigging. Using a sheave / pulley block in a block and tackle application reduces the amount of force required to lift an abnormally heavy object. A pulley system is used in conjunction with wire rope or other types of rigging ropes, by looping the rope through the pulley (around the sheave) several times before hooking to the object. The force required diminishes proportionately with the amount of pulleys or “loops” used during the hoist.

SuperLift’s range of sheave blocks is extensive:-

  • Single, Double, Treble & Snatch blocks
  • Heavy duty Super Snatch Blocks
  • Sheaves / Pulleys to suit wire and manilla ropes as well as the new dyneema range of ropes.

With so many different variations, sizes and weight limitations, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right sheave block or sheave. Let our expert team assist in your rigging gear selection today. If you have any specific requirements, we’ll work with you to create a custom product that best suits your needs. Call our team on (03) 9357 0277.

See Specialized lifting solutions page for some examples.