Why should I choose Super Lift for my lifting and rigging requirements and not someone else?

  • World-Class quality products. Super Lift has made quality our first priority.
  • Australian Made with Australian Steel.
  • Spare parts are always available.
  • We develop and manufacture products to your unique specifications.
  • Product Risk & Support. Super Lift will be there to support you every step of the way! Super Lift stands behind our products 100%.

I have a specific Lifting or Rigging Requirement.  Can you design and engineer a specialized product to my specific needs?

  • Yes we can!

More than Quarter of a century of in-house manufacturing has earned Super Lift Engineering the reputation as a leader in the design and development of custom engineered below-the-hook lifting devices and lifting attachments for use with crane systems such as overhead cranes.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a partner who not only understands your needs but can also deliver on them? A partner you can trust?

At Super Lift we’ve been a trusted partner to our customers for over 25 years. Not simply because we are a complete provider of lifting solutions. But because we understand your varied needs and deliver the best solution to meet them. This sets us apart from our competition.

Browse our Specialized Lifting Solutions page to see how we have helped companies like yours.

Are spare parts available?

  • Yes, always!

Do you repair your products?

  • Yes

Do you provide test certifications/certification of conformity with your products?

  • Please specify your requirement on order placement.

Stringent safety requirements inside modern factories mean that lifting and rigging equipment needs traceability and complete documentation. SuperLift can assist our customers with these requirements. Note: complete, serialized documentation has been kept in the records at SuperLift for every specialized product manufactured since the founding of the company in 1988!

Do you provide quantity discount?

  • Yes

Do you have a minimum order?

  • Yes, our minimum order is $75